A Welcome from our Pastors

"The Church of New Beginnings"


Saying Celebration is not your ordinary church is really an understatement. The emphasis is not on your clothing or whether you fit into the category of being an ideal "Christian". When we started this church it was with this simple philosophy... "Loving God, loving people and seeing lives restored. We invite you to visit us at Celebration. We trust you will find a "relaxed atmosphere, relevant teaching of the Word, and a relational  environment" where you can feel comfortable. We welcome you to come "Grow With Us".    


Pastors Randy & Betty Waterman


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Jul 5 10:00 am
Jul 7 7:00 pm
Jul 8 6:30 pm
Jul 8 7:00 pm
Jul 9 6:00 pm
Jul 12 10:00 am